our mission

Modus envisions a community in which the barrier of transportation is removed and all teens can access the services necessary to reach their full potential. 

the transportation gap

Of the 40,000 teens in Tulsa, an astonishing 16% or 6,400 of them are unable to access health services due to the lack of adequate transportation options in our area. Many more than that do not have access to reliable, affordable, and safe transportation to reach social service appointments, jobs, and school. On a national level, this problem results in unequal access to services and is linked to decreased physical health, mental health, and educational outcomes among youth.

our approach

Modus is a two-pronged transportation solution for young people in Tulsa. It enables young people to get their social service and medical appointments and ensures they know how to use the city's transit system. 

Our curb-to-curb transportation service, Modus Ride, enables social service agencies to focus on their core services and ensure young people get the services they need, while ModusED trains every high school student at Tulsa Public Schools to use the city's transit system. Together, Modus and ModusEd increase youth transit use, reduce agency spending on inefficient transportation and increase youth access to healthcare and social services.