In Tulsa, 75% of youth-serving organizations offer some form of transportation for their clients (bus tokens, gas cards, mileage reimbursement, taxis, etc.). On average, these agencies spend over $97,000 per year on client transportation. Modus provides a more efficient and cost-effective alternative for these organizations; and for agencies that reimburse case managers and social workers for mileage to transport clients, Modus enables these specialized professionals to focus on their agency’s core services and see more clients.

Modus is now available for adult clients, as well as youth! 


Is your agency interested in becoming a Modus Member Agency? Submit a Modus Member Agency Interest Form and someone from our team will get in touch with you. 

We'll make sure we get your clients to their appointments safely, on-time, and consistently



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Modus cost?

Modus is completely free for the passenger. All fees are paid for by the Modus Member Agency.

How will my client recognize the car?

Prior to the scheduled Modus ride, Modus sends the rider a text message with the details of the trip to remind them of their scheduled appointment. The cars will also have the Modus logo (pictured below) on both sides. Drivers will call or text the passenger upon arrival.

What if my client needs to bring a friend or family member to their appointment?

If your client needs to bring an additional person on their Modus ride, INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION IN YOUR NEW RIDE REQUEST. Drivers will not be able to take additional riders unless the additional riders are included in the ride request. If anyone your client is bringing is under 18, they must be enrolled with the appropriate forms (parental consent, rider agreement, and car sear waiver, if applicable) signed.

What is Modus?

Modus is a transportation service that ensures people get to their appointments consistently, on-time and safely. Modus provides transportation for Tulsans who are accessing medical and/or social services. Modus utilizes trained volunteer and staff drivers in their own vehicles to drive clients to and from appointments.

When is Modus available?

Modus is available between 8:00am-8:00pm, Monday-Friday. This means that the earliest time Modus can pick up a client is 8:00am, so the earliest time a provider could schedule a session or appointment with an individual is 8:30am. Modus does not operate on holidays.

Who are the Modus Drivers?

All Modus drivers are volunteers in the community that have been thoroughly vetted by the Modus team, passed a background check, have a clean driving record, and have gone through Modus driver training. If the passenger is over 18 or is traveling with someone over 18, the driver may be contracted through a third-party rideshare program.

Who can ride with Modus?

Modus is available by referral for all clients of Modus Member Agencies who need transportation to access medical or social services, such as doctors, dentists, counseling/therapy, school enrollment and job training. Modus Riders must be referred to Modus through a Modus Member Agency affiliate (i.e. case manager, counselor).

Will Modus take my client anywhere else while they are using Modus?

Modus Rides can be used only for appointment-based services and must be scheduled through a Modus Member Agency. Drivers will not drop clients off at a destination that is different from the location listed on the ride request.

What geographic area does Modus serve?

Modus pick-up and drop-off addresses must be within Osage County or Tulsa County AND one of the zip codes listed below. Modus is expanding and will add additional zip codes so check back for updates. See the map below, click here, or click the attachment to view Modus' service area.

Will the Modus driver wait for the client to complete their appointment?

If rider requests a round-trip, the Modus Driver will wait for the rider’s appointment to end or a different Modus Driver will be dispatched to pick up the rider after their appointment.