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4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Tulsa

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the transportation industry generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. This shouldn't be a surprise considering each of us uses transportation in one way or another every single day. The solution isn't to eradicate transportation altogether but instead become more thoughtful commuters. Thankfully the access to clean, sustainable, and efficient transit is becoming more affordable and normalized. Tulsa, OK is becoming a city paving the way for environmentally-friendly transportation solutions. Check out these four ways to celebrate Earth Day in a city that is Driving Change!

1. Go Micro

In 2007 Tulsa became one of the first cities to launch a docked bike system in the United States. Since then the entire country has been taken over by electric and self-propelled personal transportation devices (PTDs). In 2019 alone there were 135 million documented trips on PTDs in the United States, a 60% increase from the previous year (GHSA, 2020). Micro-mobility is changing the way people move and helping create more environmentally friendly options in transit. Check out Tulsa’s current micro-mobility options: Lime, Bird, and locally operated bike share program This Machine. Read more about micro-mobility on this previous blog.

2. Use Public Transit

According to the Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration, converting to public transportation is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions. The average passenger car produces just under 1 pound of carbon dioxide per mile traveled, therefore traveling in groups greatly reduces carbon footprints. For some individuals, the public transit system may not be an option due to limited bus routes, stops, and confusion on how to pay for or plan trips. By utilizing and advocating for better public transit services in Tulsa, we can continue to become a city for both equitable and eco-friendly transportation. Check out the Tulsa Transit’s website for more information or reach out to Modus about becoming educated on public transit use through the ModusEd program.

3. Charge It

Since 2016, the Oklahoma Electric Vehicle Coalition has helped transform Oklahoma into becoming the fastest growing market for electric vehicles in the United States. According to this Tulsa World Article by staff writer Michael Overall, “Oklahoma has one of the most convenient charging networks in the country”. Since electricity is relatively cheap in Oklahoma compared to other states and the number of charging stations continue to grow, the ability to own and operate an electric vehicle is becoming more convenient and affordable. Worried about being stranded? Find the nearest of the 200+ electric vehicle charging stations in Oklahoma here.

4. Clean Up

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful are partnering to host the Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma. Last week they kicked off the national cleanup with the 32nd annual Oklahoma TRASH-OFF, bringing volunteers from all across the state to help clean up the roads. Last year volunteers picked up nearly 700,000 pounds of litter in Oklahoma! Even if you missed the April 17th event, there is still time to register for supplies and help clean before the event ends on May 31.

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