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TPSRides is Back!

All Tulsa Public High School Students can ride the city bus for FREE. Now available on weekends.

Instead of bus fare, just show the bus driver your student ID!


How to Ride the Bus


  1. Bus stops are marked with a bus stop sign or bus shelter. Arrive at your bus stop 5-10 minutes earlier than the bus’s scheduled arrival time. It’s better to be early than late!
  2. Be sure you’re getting on the right bus by looking for the route number on the destination sign above the front window of the bus or on the curbside of the bus.
  3. When your bus approaches, step to the curb and step on board. Flashing lights indicate that the bus is slowing down to a stop.
  4. Dunk your bus pass in the fare box or slide it through the reader. If you're a high school student at TPS, you don't need a bus pass. Just have your student I.D. ready to show the driver as you board. Click here to learn where to buy your bus pass.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
  1. As you approach your destination, signal the driver that you want off by pressing the rubber strip between the windows or above your seat, or pull the cord.
  2. The operator will stop at the next bus stop. If you are not familiar with the area, ask the driver to let you know when you are nearing your destination.
  3. Exit the bus from the rear door if other passengers are boarding at your departure point. To open the rear door, push on the door’s silver bars.
  4. Carefully step off the bus.

Planning your Trip

USING GOOGLE MAPS FOR TRANSIT Step 1: Open Google Maps on your desktop, iOS device, or Android device. Step 2: Enter the address or the name of the location and select the ‘bus icon’. Step 3: Select the ‘clock icon’ and set the time you need to depart from or arrive at your destination. Step 4: Choose a trip time from the list of options. Step 5: Make sure you note the direction the bus is heading for your trip. Some routes are “to downtown” and others are “from downtown”. USING THE TRANSIT TRAVELER *All bus schedules are printed in the Transit Traveler, which can be downloaded here or purchased at the Denver Station, Memorial Station, participating Tulsa City County Libraries, or online. Follow the instruction below to plan your trip with the Transit Traveler. Step 1: Find your destination on the system map in the center of the book and determine which route goes to your destination. *There is a weekday map and a weekend map, so make sure you’re looking at the right system map. Step 2: Find the time table for that route and pick the timing point nearest your departure location. *There is a Monday through Saturday map and a Nightline and Sunday map, so make sure you are looking at the correct schedule. Step 3: Below the time point, locate your departure time. Read the times from left to right to estimate arrival and departure times. *Make sure you note the direction the bus is heading for your trip. Some routes are “to downtown” and others are “from downtown”.

Track the Bus

USE THE BUS TRACKER Click here to track the bus OR download the ETA SPOT app on your smart device. Just select your bus route.​​ Available on iOS or Google Play. SEND A TEXT Text the bus stop number located below the bus stop sign to get an estimated arrival time of the next bus. Simply text your bus stop number to 56520. *Example: If you want to see when the next bus is estimated to arrive at Bus Stop 5820, you will text 5820 to 56520.


About the TPSRides Program

Tulsa Public Schools, Tulsa Transit, and Modus are partnering to offer high school students free rides 7 days a week. With TPSRides, students in 9th-12th grades can ride any Tulsa Transit bus for free until July 31, 2021, upon presenting your student I.D. TPSRides is now available for all Tulsa Public Schools high school students to access education needs, social services, extra-curricular activities, or any other transportation needs throughout the year. Learn more at

About Tulsa Transit

Visit Call Tulsa Transit's Help Line - ​​ (918) 582-2100 Tulsa Transit's Customer Service Center is available from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Monday-Friiday.


GoPass App

Purchase bus fare and plan your trip with the GoPass app. Download GoPass from Google Play. Download GoPass from the App Store.

Track the Bus with the SPOT App

Use the ETA SPOT app or website to track the bus in real-time!

Visit OR download the ETA SPOT app on iOS or Android. Choose Tulsa Transit and select your bus route. You can see where your bus is in real-time!

Download SPOT ETA from Google Play

Download SPOT ETA from the App Store

Download the SPOT ETA brochure

Google Maps for Transit Travelers

Include text here. Download Google Maps in Google Play. Download Google Maps in the App Store.

Tulsa Transit's Traveler Ride Guide

The Traveler has all of Tulsa Transit’s maps and schedules and is loaded with all sorts of helpful information. Print versions of the traveler can be purchased for $.25 at transit stations and participating Tulsa City County Libraries. Digital versions of the traveler can be downloaded for free from the Tulsa Transit website. Click here to download the most up-to-date traveler.

Tulsa Transit System Map

The most up-to-date system map, as well as the nightline and Sunday service map, can be viewed below.

ModusEd-To-Go Guide

The ModusEd To-Go Guide provides step-by-step instructions for planning, tracking, and riding the bus. Download the guide in English. Download the guide in Spanish.


Save on gas

Driving is expensive! To see just how much your commute costs you, check out the Fuel Saving Calculator.

Save on car maintenance

If you park your car even a few days a week you can significantly reduce its wear and tear. It will also help you keep the mileage down and the value up.

It's free for Tulsa High School students

If you're a high school student at Tulsa Public Schools, it's FREE during the school year! Just show your student ID as you enter the bus.

Travel safer

Riding a transit bus is 79 times safer than car travel.

Save the environment

​Public transit plays a key role in reducing air pollution. Vehicles account for 50% of the air pollution nationwide. If one in ten Americans used public transportation regularly, the U.S. reliance on foreign oil could be cut by more than 40 percent – the amount we import from Saudi Arabia each year. For every mile traveled, public transportation uses about one half of the fuel consumed by automobiles, and about a third of that used by SUV’s and light trucks.

Be more productive

Time spent on the bus can be used to catch up on homework, read or just relax.

No more worrying about parking

Bus riders never have to worry about finding a parking place. Bus riders get to their destination rested and relaxed, not stressed-out from fighting traffic.