A big project like Modus would not be possible without a dedicated, hard-working team. Luckily, we have just that. As always, providing outstanding transportation services for clients when volunteer drivers are not available is a top priority for all staff. But when we're not helping clients access services, our team is working tirelessly to spread the word in the community about Modus and ModusEd, bringing awareness to the transportation barriers in Tulsa, advocating for improved transportation solutions, recruiting additional volunteer drivers, and identifying areas for growth in order to continuously improve our programs and scale services.

Leslie Neal.jpg

Leslie enjoys tacos, turtles, and traveling. She loves working for Modus because she believes that, if teens are taking steps to improve themselves, transportation shouldn't hold them back. 

Leslie Neal-Emery

Executive Director & Founder

Caitlin Roughface.jpg

Caitlin likes movies, hippos, and all things weird.  She enjoys working for Modus because  it gives her an opportunity to help out young people in a way that is very relatable. 

Caitlin Roughface

Program Coordinator

Emily Keena.jpg

Emily likes movies, getting coffee, and naps. She enjoys working for Modus because she likes helping make a difference. 

Emily Keena

Community Engagement Coordinator

Hayden Teruki.jpg

Hayden likes making/listening to music, cycling, Star Wars, and coffee. He loves working for Modus because  it gives him the opportunity to serve others, and effect real change in our community. 

Hayden Teruki

Program Specialist


Bailey loves spending time with her little girl and family especially outdoors in the country. She loves ALL things holiday and sonic ice. She loves working for Modus because it gives her an opportunity to give back to the community and build relationships. At the end of the day you know you helped make someone’s day a little brighter with a simple act of kindness.

Bailey Parks

Administrative Assistant


Robert enjoys reading about Africa American history and talking with his grandkids.


"Already, this experience with Modus has been a blessing to me, as I see so many needs being met!" - Robert

Robert Butler

Program Specialist


Nathan likes softball, video games, and attending concerts. He enjoys working for Modus because he gets to come to work everyday and enjoy what he does while also making a difference.

Nathan Clagg

Program Specialist

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Austin enjoys horror movies, music, and tasty food you have to go back for. Driving for Modus connects him with people on a personal level and help them reach their destination on the road and in life.

Austin Box

Program Specialist

Kendall Cook.png

Kendall loves Wolves, animes and just about anything DC related. He likes working at Modus because he gets to encourage and empower others.

Kendall Cook

Program Specialist


One hundred percent of Modus' Board Members contribute to the organization.

Bob Sullivan, Board President

Rich & Cartmill

David Grewe, Governance Committee Chair

Youth Services of Tulsa

Dave Thomas, Communications Committee Chair

Idea Ranch

Gina Carroll, Board Secretary

National Construction Services

Jim Ogez, Board Treasurer

Regier, Carr, & Monroe, LLP

Jimmie Cameron


Julius Hughes

Matrix Service Company

Miriam Mamah

Tulsa Area United Way

Tania Pryce, Fundraising Committee Chair



Greyson loves movies, astrology, and waterfalls. He enjoys working at Modus because he like helping people access important services across Tulsa.

Greyson Knight

Program Specialist