our approach

Modus enables people to get to their social service and medical appointments, and ensures they know how to use the city’s transit system.

Our curb-to-curb transportation service, Modus Drive, allows social service agencies to focus on their core services and ensures everyone gets the services they need, while ModusEd trains every high school student at Tulsa Public Schools to use the city’s transit system. Together, Modus Drive and ModusEd increase youth transit use, reduce agency spending on inefficient transportation and increase access to healthcare and social services.

our mission

Modus removes barriers through innovative transportation solutions, education, and advocacy.

our mission
our history

Modus has been helping individuals and their families get to their medical and social service appointments on time, and consistently since 2017. The idea for Modus came from the Mine, an entrepreneurial incubator in Tulsa. In 2016, the Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (TCPTP) shed light on the fact that many young women in Tulsa could not access reproductive health services because they lacked transportation. TCPTP proposed the problem to the Mine, who selected the issue as one of their projects for their annual fellowship program. Modus received initial funding from the Tulsa Area United Way and was supported, in partnership, by Youth Services of Tulsa (YST) and TCPTP during the pilot year (April 2017-April 2018). YST acted as Modus’ fiscal sponsor until Modus received tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) status in August 2019. In October 2020, Modus expanded to serve all ages and as of October 2021, Modus has provided over 10,000 rides!

our history
the problem

In Tulsa, roughly 20% of the population, or 80.133 people are unable to access the health services they need due to the lack of adequate transportation options in our area. Many more than that do not have access to reliable, affordable, and safe transportation to reach social service appointments, jobs, and school. On a national level, this problem results in unequal access to services and is linked to decreased physical health, mental health, and educational outcomes.



the problem
our partner agencies

Modus partners with direct service agencies in Tulsa to provide transportation for the agency’s clients to get to and from medical and social services. Since 2017, Modus has served 35 partner agencies. Our current partner agencies are: 

our partners
  • Youth Services of Tulsa

  • Tulsa Public Schools' Strong Tomorrows

  • Tulsa Public Schools' Exceptional Student Services

  • Tulsa Public Schools' Design Lab

  • Tulsa Public Schools' Transportation Department

  • JAMES Inc.

  • Tulsa Community WorkAdvance

  • Community Service Council

  • Mental Health Association of Oklahoma

  • Parent Child Center

  • Tulsa Honor Academy

  • TCC's AEP Credit Counts Grant

  • LIFE Senior Services

  • Tulsa CARES

  • Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma

  • Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

  • The bART Center for Music

  • Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences

  • Choice Neighborhood Initiative

  • Urban Coders Guild

  • Phoenix Rising Alternative School

  • Women in Recovery

  • The Demand Project

  • HOPE Testing